1.   To Know Jesus Christ as Savior through the gospel (death, burial, and resurrection)

2.   To encourage a daily devotional time

3.   Develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

4.   Share the gospel

5.   Recognize the responsibility of discipleship


1.   To develop a Christ like personality

2.   To develop a life led by the Holy Spirit

3.   To cultivate a well adjusted student




  1. To develop a respect for the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  2. To teach intelligent are of the body
  3. To encourage the yielding of the body as an instrument of God’s use
  4. What do you think should be our physical goals?
  5. Taking special care of what God created- The temple that God can use?


1.   To encourage students to love one another

2.   To teach proper respect towards everyone

3.   To develop an understanding of God’s design for the family

4.   To instill a sense of respect for the welfare of others